Foriegn Exchange

Why choose us?

  • Vaigai Wings offers Foreign Exchange services and is licensed by Reserve Bank of India as a full-fledged money changer.
  • We buy and sell Foreign Currency and Travelers Cheques. Vaigai Wings is the place where you can have swift, hassle free, easy access for both encashment and purchase of foreign currencies and travelers Cheques with friendly and courteous service at your door step even.
  • We are authorized selling agent of ICICI BANK WORLD MONEY CARD & HDFC Bank Travel Currency Card. The Foreign Exchange can be carried abroad through this plastic card, which has reloading facility.
  • Vaigai Wings organise wireless transfer (T.T) for the students and gift at very attractive rate.
  • NRI's and foreign tourist can draw cash against their INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARDS issued abroad.
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Travellers Cheque
  • Citi Bank World Money card & Axis Bank Credit Cards

We can release foreign exchange for Tourism and business purposes. The products available are Currencies, Amex/Visa traveler's cheques and VISA Prepaid Debit Cards in USD, Euro, Pounds, Canadian and Australian Dollars.

It's a visa product association with AXIS/ HDFC Bank and marketed by us. This can be used in more than 10 million establishments and can be used to withdraw currencies from more than 700,000 visa ATM's around the world. The customer need not open any account. The card has the option to be reloaded under business category. No more tedious process of signing travellers cheques and paying for encashments

  • Foreign exchange for business and tourist travel (BTQ and LERMS)
  • Importers, Exporters Of International Currencies.

  • Business partners of American Express Travellers cheques
  • We also encash Thomas cook, VISA, MasterCard, Citicorp Travellers cheques and American Express TC'
  • We are authorized selling agent of Citibank World Money Card & Axis Bank Foreign Currency.
  • The Foriegn Exchange can be carried abroad through this Plastic Card, Which has reloading facility.
  • The Customers can withdraw cash from Eight Lakh VISA ATM's Locators
  • This card can be used for withdrawl from ATM's and for payment towards purchases.
  • The customer can see the balance in the card on Internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Business Partners of Citi Bank World

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