5 Tips to Prevent Visa Scams in Chennai 

Indians now represent over 10% of all visa applications worldwide, with over 20% of student applicants and 65% of employment visa applicants. Not to mention the millions of people looking to travel and explore different places. But with so many applications, there’s also bound to be an increase in scammers promising to make the process quick and easy. If you are looking for an experienced visa consultant in Chennai to guide you through the process and offer professional assistance, contact Vaigai Wings.

What Are Some Common Visa Scams?

Scammers often promise to make the visa application process quick and easy. Some visa agents in Chennai even offer assured visas, irrespective of who is applying and why. And if you are a student, it’s not uncommon for fraudsters to send acceptance letters from an unaccredited or unrecognised college or university. Unaccredited schools cannot sponsor you for an F-1 student visa. They may pressure you to pay for the visa processing online, asking you to hasten the payment lest the seats are filled.

Some visa agents in Chennai even run fraudulent marriage schemes, offering to arrange a fake marriage with a native of the country you’re planning to immigrate to. You’ll also come across people offering to marry you and even promise permanent residency or work visas in return for cash.

Many immigration consultants in Chennai pose as certified consultants or lawyers promising services they are not qualified to offer.

prevent visa scam

How To Prevent Visa Scams?

Conduct A Thorough Research

Don’t just work with the first visa consultant in Chennai who shows up on your Google search results. First, thoroughly research the official government website of the country to which you wish to apply. These websites provide up-to-date information about visa requirements, procedures, etc., so you aren’t misled with inaccurate information.

Do Not Divulge Personal Information

During the initial consultation, do not give up sensitive information like your name, address, bank details, Aadhar number, etc. These details are used to steal your identity, clean out your bank account, or commit crimes in your name. Even if you have spoken to the agent, do not share personal details unless absolutely required and without authenticating their identity. Do not share such information even if the caller on the other end claims to be a government official.

Do Not Respond to Unsolicited Emails and Phone Calls or Forwarded Chats

Government agencies and authorities do not reach out to people through unsolicited emails and phone calls. It is up to the individual to reach out to the agency he needs help from. Be very cautious of emails and phone calls from strangers offering visa assistance. Most importantly, do not share information without verifying their details through an official channel.

Always Work with A Professionally Managed Company

Professionally managed companies spend time and money to earn the trust of their potential customers. This includes creating a safe, secure, professional-looking website, hiring experienced and well-mannered staff, and working on their brand reputation. They wouldn’t do things that would make people suspicious about their intentions and take accountability for their words and actions.

A significant aspect of this involves refraining from making unrealistic promises. As immigration consultants in Chennai, we don’t promise to speed things up or suggest unethical and illegal solutions.

As for websites, ensure they have a padlock icon on the error, which indicates that the site is secured with a digital certificate and isn’t vulnerable to security attacks.

Do Not Make Wire Transfers or Untraceable Payment Methods

Asking customers to pay through prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, or wire transfers is a huge red flag. Only pay through secure and traceable payment methods for all visa-related fees. When making payment, make sure you have filled out the correct details and all documents are in order. Processing repayment in case of errors can be tedious.

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