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Air Ambulance Services in Chennai

When it comes to saving lives, time can be a crucial factor. Vaigai Wings can be your travel partner ensuring your loved ones are transported safely and reliably during emergencies. Our top-notch air ambulance service in Chennai caters to various medical needs, including portable ventilators, cardiac monitors, oxygen cylinders, suction machines, external pacemakers, etc. We are available 24x7 to handle your queries and go the extra mile to serve you with the highest level of care. But our services aren’t restricted to air ambulance service. We also help with helicopter charter renting and private jet renting, and even assist clients with aircraft renting for shooting for movies, weddings, and other events.



Fly high with the assurance that you are safe and secure in the company of our highly skilled staff. We maintain strict maintenance schedules adhering to stringent aviation regulations.



Reliability is the cornerstone of our service. Whether you have last-minute journey requests or pre-planned sojourns, we’re available for you.

Customer focus

Customer focus

Customer focus is the core value that drives us, motivating us to provide exceptional service. We strive to provide the safest and most comfortable option for our clients.

Welcome to the World of Air Transport. Discover the Advantages of Air Ambulance Services & Luxury Private Jet Charters

Air ambulance for patients:

  • Rapid Response

  • Specialized Medical Care

  • Time-Saving

  • Access to Specialized Care

  • Reduced Road Congestion

  • Remote Area Access

Private jet charter:

  • Time Efficiency

  • Multiple Meetings in a Day

  • Remote Location Access

  • Comfort and Productivity

  • Mission-Specific Timing

Note : 2023 Vaigai Wings Charter Service | Disclaimer: Vaigai Wings is an air charter broker. Vaigai Wings is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational control of aircraft. Flights will be operated by a direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier, as applicable, which will have operational control of the aircraft.