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Since 2005, India has been a member of the Hague Convention, allowing the Apostille/Attestation/Legalisation of Indian documents to be accepted in member countries, including the Netherlands. This simplifies the process for individuals needing to use documents like Educational Qualification certificates, Degree Certificates, Birth Certificates, or Marriage Certificates in the Netherlands. To make these documents valid for use, they must be legalized with an apostille by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Once legalized, they can be used in the Netherlands, ensuring recognition and acceptance of Indian documents in foreign countries.

Legalization of Documents

Our process for the legalization of documents ensures their international validity. This involves notarization, authentication, and embassy endorsement, guaranteeing their legal recognition and acceptance across borders.

Initial Attestation

Initial Attestation

Certify documents with Home Department authentication to verify their legitimacy for legal purposes such as education, marriage, or business.

State Validation

State Validation

Documents undergo further validation at the state government level, assuring their credibility and authenticity.

MEA Authentication

MEA Authentication

The official Indian government authority responsible for providing document authentication, granting them official status.

Apostille Process

Apostille Process

Streamline international document verification, making them legally valid in countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation

Offer embassy attestation for foreign document use, ensuring compliance with the recipient country's legal requirements. 

HRD Verification

HRD Verification

Provide additional verification for employment-related documents, enhancing their credibility and supporting career opportunities.

How we Proceed?

On receipt of your request for document legalization or attestation in India, our dedicated and customer-friendly executive will contact you to understand your specific needs. They will then visit the relevant authority or notary public to complete the attestation or notarization process. To avail of this service, an authorization letter and original or Xerox copies of relevant documents may be needed.

Simplified Complexity

Document legalization is often complex and time-consuming due to changing regulations. Going through it alone means dealing with government offices, queues, and long wait times. Seeking professional assistance can simplify the process and save time.

Expert Efficiency

Professional apostille and attestation agents ease the burden. They manage the entire process, saving time and energy. These experts, like PEC Attestation, Apostille, and Translation Services, operate nationwide and serve students, job seekers, and entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive Support

PEC offers services for personal, educational, and commercial documents, with 24/7 customer support. Their certified translators ensure precise document translations, adapting to specific country requirements. Trust PEC to navigate the document legalization landscape seamlessly.

Document Authentication Levels

Document authentication levels encompass an array of state-of-the-art security measures, incorporating physical, digital, and biometric techniques. These multifaceted approaches serve to elevate document reliability and act as formidable barriers against fraudulent activities.

Regional Level

Notary: The first step is notarization, where a document receives a stamp and signature, certifying personal and educational records.

Board/University: Educational documents may require verification from the respective Board or University, especially before seeking legalization from the HRD department.

Chamber of Commerce: For commercial documents, the Chamber of Commerce plays a crucial role, authenticating various types of business-related documents.

State Level

Home Department: Located in the state capital, the Home Department authenticates personal and educational documents.

HRD Department: Typically situated alongside the Home Department in the state capital, the HRD Department attests educational documents exclusively.

SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate): In some cases, the SDM serves as an alternative to the Home Department and HRD attestation. Personal and educational documents are legalized by the SDM.

Central Level

MEA Document Attestation: The MEA offers attestation services for various documents, including personal, educational, and commercial ones.

Apostille Certification: When needed, the MEA appends an apostille sticker to ensure international legal validity for documents.

Embassy Attestation: For countries not requiring apostille, embassy attestation by the MEA ensures recognition of documents abroad.