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The Overseas Citizen of India scheme was implemented in August 2005 to simplify visa and related documentation for Persons of Indian Origin (PIO). It allows multi-purpose, multiple entries, and lifelong visas to such individuals visiting India. An OCI card will enable PIOs to stay in India without time restrictions, access domestic airfares like any other residential Indian, and even pursue any profession.

As part of our OCI services in Chennai, we provide complete assistance, including guiding applicants regarding online application assistance, checking document completion, and more.


How We Help

Our OCI agents in Chennai ensure you have all the necessary documents for OCI registration services. You will need citizenship proof, evidence of self/parents/grandparents Indian citizenship, a passport-size photo, ID proof, an Indian visa copy, and marriage certificate.

We’ll also help you complete the OCI form online. As advisors, we ensure the entire process goes smoothly and without delay. Our OCI agents in Chennai will handle the application process from start to finish.

We know that the OCI application process is daunting and time-consuming. At Vaigai Wings, we ensure that you have an experienced consultant to guide you and suggest workarounds if there’s a roadblock.

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The OCI scheme was introduced in India to address a long-standing demand for dual citizenship from overseas Indians. While the scheme does not provide dual citizenship, it makes it easy for Indian origin individuals to stay connected with their heritage and culture.

Benefits of OCI Card

Economic Parity

OCI card holders can benefit from multiple financial benefits. These include parity with Indian residents for domestic airfare and admission fees at national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, etc.

Education Access

OCI card holders have the same rights as NRIs in educational institutions.

Visa Freedom

Get lifelong visa-free visits and multiple entries to India, thereby ensuring seamless travel without the hassle of visa documentation for each visit.

Access To Government Documents

OCI card holders can easily and quickly obtain government documents such as Aadhar cards, PAN cards, driving licenses, etc.

Financial Freedom

OCI card holders can open bank accounts and conduct financial transactions like any NRI easily and quickly.

Valid Identification

The OCI card is a valid identification, negating the need for multiple IDs or additional documentation when interacting with government agencies.