All That You Need to Know About Passport Renewal  

Passports are generally valid for 10 years from the date of issue. A minor passport is valid only for 5 years or until they attain 18 years of age, whichever is earlier. Ideally, the passport must be renewed before the expiration date or at least immediately after it expires. This is because you will be denied entry to the visiting country if your passport has less than six months of validity. Also, if you’re applying for a visa, the passport should have at least six months of validity during the time of the application. Read on to learn more about passport renewal in Chennai.

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Step 1 | Register for Passport Renewal

This is an online process where the applicant must have an online passport account. Creating a passport account is easy. Register on the Passport Seva website, create a login ID and password, choose a passport office (enter the passport region, i.e., if you reside in Chennai, mention the passport office as Chennai), enter your date of birth, email ID, and other details. Click on the application link to activate the account. After completing this process, choose the Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport tab.

Step 2 | Fill Details for Passport Renewal

Fill out the application form, choose Reissue of Passport, and choose the reason for re-issuing the passport. Next, choose Normal or Tatkal from the dropdown. Choose the number of pages you’d like, 30 or 60, depending on your preference. Choose Next. Fill in the form with all the relevant details. Check if the details are correct and click Submit.

Step 3 | Book Appointment Slot

Book a convenient slot for you, choosing the time and date. You must visit the Passport Seva office closest to your place to verify your document. The next step includes making your online payment. The passport reissue fee is INR 1500 for 36 pages and INR 2000 for 60. And if you’re looking to expedite things, you must pay INR 2000 for a Tatkal passport.

Step 4 | Complete The Passport Application Process

After making the payment, click on the Print Application Receipt to complete the process.

If you aren’t confident about the online application, visit the local Passport Seva Office to complete the application details and submit the relevant documents. Use the acknowledgment number to track the application status.

Some documents you will need for passport renewal include the original old passport, self-attested copies of the last and two pages of the passport, emigration check required page, etc.

While this process seems easy, there are many documentation procedures involved. If you need an expert to guide you through the process, we the best travel agency in Chennai suggest you contact us or visit us for passport services in Chennai. As leading passport consultants in Chennai, we promise excellent services at the best prices.