What Are Some Common Reasons for Passport Application Rejection? 

Getting a passport is now easier than ever. You can now apply for and get your passport within 30 to 45 days, or even less if you apply for a Tatkaal passport. The entire process is now streamlined and online. With assistance from a professional passport consultant in Chennai, you can now ensure a stress-free application process. But there are a few circumstances where your application could be rejected. We’ve listed them for you. And if you are looking for passport renewal in Chennai, visit Vaigai Wings the best travel agency in Chennai.

passport application rejection reason

1. Document Issues

Before applying for a passport, we suggest checking the official government website for a complete list of documents required for a fresh passport. There’s also a separate list of document requirements for passport renewal. Or, you can consult a professional passport agency in Chennai for more information.

If you fail to submit the required documents, or if the submitted documents are incomplete, your passport application may be rejected. Some documents required include residential proof, date of birth proof, proof of identity, and documents to determine the applicant’s ECR/ECNR status.

If any of these documents is not included or is incorrect, your application will be rejected. Also, the applicant must submit copies of these supporting documents. The passport will be rejected if the submitted documents are not legible or obscure, and the information is difficult to understand. When submitting the documents, ensure they are not dark, dim, or illegible. Also, double-check the documents to ensure the details are clear and visible.

2. Signature Problems

When applying for a passport, make sure the signature matches all the documents and forms you submit. Before signing the applications and documents, make sure you practice your signature freehand to avoid the passport being rejected.

3. Security Concerns

Police verification is one of the most crucial steps in the passport application process. While this is uncommon, the application will be rejected if you do not clear the verification. This happens when the current address you provide is inaccurate or unavailable at the address. If you plan to relocate before police verification, inform the police department.

Besides the above reasons, your passport verification may also be rejected if you are suspected of engaging in behaviour detrimental to the country. But this is highly unlikely and caused by a misunderstanding or misprint of your name. Make sure your documents are clear. In fact, a recent judgment by the Delhi High Court announced that passport authorities could not refuse to renew it merely on the fear that the earlier passports could be misused. It also stated that every citizen has a legal right to hold a passport and cannot be denied arbitrarily.

4. Criminal History

If your name is under criminal investigation and an FIR is filed in your name, your application will be rejected until your name is cleared from the FIR. In such cases, a certificate confirming that the charges were dropped must be submitted along with the application. Similarly, if there’s a case pending in your name, your application will be rejected. This ensures that you are present in the country during the trial.

Also, if you have an outstanding loan repayment, reflected during the background check, your passport application will be rejected. Make sure you aren’t overdue on loan payments.

5. Not Paying Application Fees

Applying for a passport involves paying a fee and other charges depending on the type of passport you are applying for (Tatkal or normal), whether you are an adult or minor, or applying for a new or renewed passport. Call 7338791804 for a free discussion with our passport consultant in Chennai to learn more about the various charges.

You may pay all the required amount when making an application to avoid your application being rejected.

What To Do If Your Passport Application Is Rejected?

The first thing to do is to look for the reason for rejection. If the rejection is because of incorrect documentation, police verification not done, or incorrect fee paid, you have 3 days to reapply. You can also write a letter to the Regional Passport Office or file a grievance if the reasons seem unjustified.

And if you’d like to get through the process quickly and effectively, contact us for passport services in Chennai. Among other things, we also offer passport renewal in Chennai.