Answers To Four Commonly Asked Passport Related Questions

Applying for a passport may have been once a time-consuming process, but you can now apply for one in less than a month. And if you want one urgently, a Tatkal passport only takes 7 to 10 days. While the process is now simplified and well explained online, it’s important that you understand the necessary formalities to avoid unnecessary delays. At the Vaigai Wings passport agency in Chennai, we aim to simplify passport applications by guiding you throughout the process. But there’s still much confusion about passports. Here, we have tried to answer some uncommon situations and questions related to passports.

What If Someone Accidentally Scribbles on My Passport?

A passport isn’t your property it belongs to the government. Needless to say, defacing a passport is unacceptable. While there’s much difference between intentionally damaging a passport and accidental scribble, it is up to the immigration officer to decide whether to allow or deny entry.

Generally, any ink smudge, water spill, scribbling on the empty pages, defacing the photo on the passport, altering visa stamps, removing pages, stickers, etc., is unacceptable, and could even result in you having to apply for re-issue.

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My Passport Is Set to Expire. Can I Travel Abroad?

Needless to say, you cannot travel on an expired passport. While some countries allow their citizens to travel even if the passport is set to expire in 3 months or less, Indians cannot travel if their passport is six months away from expiring.

If you realize at the last minute that your passport is set to expire, contact the passport authority as soon as possible to look for emergency passport-issuing options. But the date of travel must not be too close.

To avoid any inconvenience, we suggest that you apply for passport re-issue at least one year before expiry. Also, if the passport renewal application is made before the expiration date, or within three years of expiration, police verification is not required.

Renewal Vs Reissue of Passport | What Is the Time Limit for Renewal of Passport?

Passports are generally valid for 10 years. Once your passport expires, you can apply for re-issue for up to 3 years after expiration. After 3 years, you will not be eligible for a reissue; rather, you must make a fresh application for a new passport.

A reissue of the passport is also requested if the pages are exhausted, if you have lost your passport if the passport is damaged, there is a change of circumstances. For instance, if your appearance has changed, your signature or name is changed, change in address or spouse name, a change of sex, or a change of place of birth.

What Are Some of The Common Reasons for Passport Rejection?

A majority of passport-related problems are preventable or can be resolved with help from an experienced passport agency in Chennai. These include incorrect details, incomplete documentation, not including an authorisation letter along with the application, inconsistent signature, not attaching photocopies of documents, etc.

Visit us if you are looking for a reputable travel agency in Chennai if you are looking for help with passport application or renewal.

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